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When you walk into Eye Roc, you might feel like you just stepped into your bedroom in the 80’s or 90’s with the posters on our walls or a Surfer rockn’ roll shop with a surfboard in the corner and a couple guitars hanging on the wall. All the eyewear is displayed openly and accessibly where customers can easily pick up the frames, feel them and try them on. Eye Roc Eyewear is a cool laid-back vibe with a couch, good music and awesome Eyewear that has the customer saying, “wow, cool store”. We offer our customers something to drink (always have coffee on hand) while they shop and an eye exam if needed. Non-clinical looking, you will see posters, a big sandwich board, a surfboard, cool display shelves and a front desk made of wood and metal!

$150 Complete Pair!

*Eye Exam Includes*

  • External examination of the eyes and surrounding structure

  • Internal retinal examination with pupil dilation if needed

  • Patient and Family Health and Eye History

  • Slit lamp microscopy exam of the eye to assess eye health

  • Refraction to determine eyeglass prescription

  • Consultation and advise on best corrective options

  • Assessment of health status of eyes and surrounding structures.

  • Tonometry to screen for glaucoma

St. Louis Family Owned!👌


Independent Eyewear (Non- Corporate)


Edgy and Bold Eyewear (Not Boring)


Eyewear from around the World (Not just 1 Brand)

Starting @ $150 Frame and SV Lens!

Eye Exams Available


Most eyeglasses are made and distributed by just a few giant companies. When you buy glasses from Eye Roc Eyewear know that you are supporting eyewear from small, creative, independent eyewear companies.

At Eye Roc we offer 1000's of frames from some of the greatest independent designers in the world. We offer fashion forward looks at a reasonable price. Let us show you the difference a great pair of glasses can make! Our opticians are highly trained in fitting that perfect pair of eyewear on specific face shapes, attittudes, color palettes, and lifestyles. If you are looking for something truly unique or just something that fits perfectly stop in today and find a great pair of glasses. 

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From Around St. Louis

Our Services


    • Comprehensive Eye Examination
    • Contact lens Evaluation and Fitting
    • Pediatric Eye Exams
    • Diagnosis and Management of Dry Eye Disease
    • Diagnosis and Management of Ocular Diseases
    • Eyewear Consultation
    • Eyeglass Repairs.
What the People are Sayin'

This place is amazing! Great experience from my exam to choosing my frames! Love this place! - Jessica G.

Modern selection, good service, bright space and Jason was very generous with his time. I will recommend this place to friends & return for more! - Anne M.

Not only have they an amazing selection, they go above and beyond to make their clients happy. Absolutely worth it. - Mea K.

This is the place to go for eye wear that doubles as wearable art... interesting frames, excellent variety and individual attention to make sure you find the exact glasses to meet your needs and artistic attitude. The next time you are in St. Louis - go see Jason and the folks at Eye Roc. - Elaine D.

Friendly, helpful, professional, good selection at a great price. - Barry B

Fabulous selection! Great guys! Really cool place! Can't wait to get some new sunglasses for the summer?  - Amy R.

I can't say enough about this place! It's cool, hip and everything awesome! #superdope - Jessica C.

Awesome Service! Jason was AMAZING! A great selection of eyewear!!! - Rikkitta E. 

I love my new glasses, I love the store! The staff is awesome! I have found my new eyewear store! Like their name, they Roc!! Stop in for yours, Jason will be more than happy to help you find the unique pair that will scream you!! - Sonja B.

Simply the coolest place in Saint Louis to get glasses. They have some great glasses and as a new glasses wearer I am so glad I stopped here first. If you are looking for glasses I would highly recommend this place!!! - Michael A.

By far the best place to get glasses. Jason and Lauren are awesome. - Krisy S.


The only place in St. Louis for Unique eyewear without breaking the Bank. - Tony S.

Great place friendly staff me and my kids were treated nice and respectful also loved the modern look. - Gina D.

Really friendly :) Great customer service! Will come back!!! Gina R.

Referred by a friend and this place does not disappoint. Great Music, Great Staff, Great Glasses. When Looking for eye glasses go to Eye Roc First!! Steve S. 

There are not a lot of great places to shop for eyewear in St. Louis, Eye Roc turns out is the best if you are on a budget with the coolest eyewear, I found two great pair! - Lisa G.

The manager Jason is so helpful and helped me pick out my super dope frames!!!! He took his time and he didn't rush me on my purchase. I tried on a lot of frames and right off the bat he suggested a pair of bold frames... This place is legit and the music is awesome. - Tarnaz G.

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