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At Eye Roc Eyewear, we believe deeply that great eye care and eyewear start with setting good vibes, getting into a groove — and to do that, we bring you to our tempo.

Need a tailored, comprehensive eye exam to make sure your eyes, and vision, are at peak performance? Looking for the next pair of standout independent frames to redefine your fashion? Our dedicated eye doctor and knowledgeable opticians will bring you a homebrewed coffee, get the conversation going over our shop’s mellow background music, and make sure that we meet your every need.

Next Level Eye Exam

Next-Level Eye Exams

Eye exams should be more than running tests and checking boxes. That’s why our resident eye expert, Kate Gettinger, O.D., takes plenty of time to get to know your idiosyncrasies and find out just what it is that you’re looking at all day. That helps her determine what vision issues you’re at risk for, what eyewear she should recommend, and which of our opticians she should have work with you — once your thorough exam and delightful conversation are done, of course.

next level eye exams

Woman wearing rounded glasses at Eye Roc EyewearEXPERIENCE EYE ROC

Anyone who has ever looked cool in eyeglasses had to first be a nerd — at least about their eyeglasses. When every big brand is trying to sell you the same frames, you have to look elsewhere for standout eyewear. That’s why we scoured the globe for faultless classic designs and sleek boundary-pushers, and chose only those first-rate frames that are also fairly priced.

Thousands of fashion-forward frames from small, intensely creative independent designers are available for you to try on while you have a piping hot cup of coffee and sink into a nice couch. Your next frames may be edgy and bold, but your Eye Roc experience will be as chill as you’d want it to be.

community lenses

Our Community Lens

Nothing makes us happier than seeing one of our Roc Stars wearing our independent frames out in the wild. Well, maybe one thing does: when they want to take a picture for us! See how some of our passionate customers are enjoying their healthy, clear vision and rocking frames.

Community Lens

Our Community Lens

No two faces are the same, which is why even twins can expect an individualized experience with us. That said, we do follow a time-tested routine that’s gotten thousands of people into eyeglasses they love.

Eye Roc Eyewear Woman's glasses
senior woman trying on eye roc sunglasses
Woman trying Eye Roc Sunglasses
Eye Roc Eyewear Woman's sunglasses selection
Woman wearing black sunglasses
Three people wearing sunglasses at Eye Roc Eyewear
Woman wearing black sunglasses
Mother and her sons wearing american flag guitar shaped glasses
Woman showing off her new Eye Roc Eyewear glasses
Man wearing clear glasses at Eye Roc Eyewear
Man trying on Eye Roc Eyewear Sunglasses
Woman trying Sunglasses on at Eye Roc Eyewear


“Shopping at Eye Roc Eyewear in St. Louis is an amazing experience. The atmosphere is inviting and comfortable. The selection of eyewear is diverse and contemporary. The new Igreen line allows you to truly customize your selection. Jason was attentive and enthusiastic as he helped me explore shapes and colors I had not considered for myself – and I ended up with spectacular specs that are unique, personalized and receive multiple compliments daily from strangers.”

-Kent J.

“We walked by and saw the unique frames in the window. I’ve been meaning to get an exam for my teenage son, and thought this would be the perfect place for him to pick out frames that felt like him. They helped my son pick out frames he likes, which is a big deal when you’re 13. Such a great experience, thank you Eye Roc!”

-Melissa L.

“I love Eyeroc’s eyewear and customer service!!! They get it right EVERY time! Jason, Becky and Dr. Kate recently resolved a repeated issue I experienced with a prescription from another optometrist. They are always professional, customer centric, accurate and efficient! I can see clearly now, the rain is gone…LOL 😎 Thanks Eye Roc…you ROCK!”

-Kendra M.

“I had the best experience shopping with Eye Rock Eyewear! The customer service was second to none and I truly felt as though my experience was tailored directly to me. The owner and his team are simply amazing. I thank you guys for providing me with such a stellar experience and can’t wait to do more shopping in the future.”

-Charlan W.

Primo Promos

Our mission is to bring you the best for a better price, and that’s why we frequently find ways for you to save on eye exams and fashionable frames. Check back regularly to see any current or upcoming promos so you can save on being a Roc Star!

A close up view of eyeglasses displayed on a wall.
Primo Promo

Primo Promos

Our mission is to bring you the best for a better price, and that’s why we frequently find ways for you to save on eye exams and fashionable frames. Check back regularly to see any current or upcoming promos so you can save on being a Roc Star!

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