At Eye Roc, our remarkable team believes eye care is an experience that should be tailored to you — and our dry eye management is no exception. Every dry eye case has different symptoms and causes. We’ll get to know you and your dry eye to deliver long-lasting relief, and we won’t quit until you’re seeing clearly and comfortably again!

What is dry eye?

What is Dry Eye?

Dry eye is a common condition that occurs when you don’t produce enough tears, or you only produce low-quality tears that don’t effectively lubricate your eye’s surface.

When the eye’s natural tear film is disrupted by dry eye, you can experience uncomfortable symptoms like itching, burning, redness, light sensitivity, or blurry vision — and we know that’s no fun! Thanks to the experts at Eye Roc, you can leave these irritating symptoms in the past and get back to doing what you love with crystal-clear sight.

Woman pinching nose between eyes, straining from symptoms of dry eye.
Contact Lenses

Borderless Vision

Correction for Personalities
Without Boundaries

We don’t do boring eyewear at Eye Roc, ever — so if you need contact lenses, we have exciting options for you. Just tell our team how you use your vision, and we can help guide you to a perfect choice: no matter what type of lenses your lifestyle requires, from disposable daily contacts to dependable multifocal lenses, we’ll get you into the right pair at Eye Roc.

Woman wearing rounded glasses at Eye Roc EyewearEXPERIENCE EYE ROC

Anyone who has ever looked cool in eyeglasses had to first be a nerd — at least about their eyeglasses. When every big brand is trying to sell you the same frames, you have to look elsewhere for standout eyewear. That’s why we scoured the globe for faultless classic designs and sleek boundary-pushers, and chose only those first-rate frames that are also fairly priced.

Thousands of fashion-forward frames from small, intensely creative independent designers are available for you to try on while you have a piping hot cup of coffee and sink into a nice couch. Your next frames may be edgy and bold, but your Eye Roc experience will be as chill as you’d want it to be.

Dry Eye Management, the Eye Roc Way

Here, we don’t just accept individuality, we embrace it — especially when it comes to developing a one-of-a-kind dry eye treatment plan that’s just for you. When you’re with our dry eye specialist, Dr. Daniel Ethakoti, you can expect nothing less than his undivided attention.

We’ll use our state-of-the-art tech to find the root cause of your unique case; learn about your style, day-to-day life, and eyesight needs; and carefully craft a personalized dry eye treatment plant that works for you.

Dry Eye Doctor

Our Dry Eye Management Options Provide Relief!

Our Dry Eye Treatment Options

No matter the underlying cause of your dry eye case, we’ve got you covered with our wide range of solutions. Whether you could use blue light lenses to reduce eye strain from extended periods of screen time, drops that keep your eyes moist, or anything in between, we make sure that you leave with everything you need for clear, comfortable vision!
Dr. Kate Gettinger, O.D.

Our St. Louis

Contact Lens Expert

Contact lenses are a fantastic vision correction option, but it takes skill and experience to properly fit them. Our doctor, Dr. Kate Gettinger, O.D., is known for her attentive personality and has a long record of selecting and accurately fitting contact lenses to give you the precise vision you deserve. With her expertise and our advanced technology, your contacts will be as comfortable as your vision is clear.


Healthy eyes are the foundation of any optical experience worth its salt. Our experienced eye doctor, Kate Gettinger, O.D., uses top-of-the-line medical technology to diagnose various eye conditions, and the latest treatments to manage any issues she finds. And just as importantly, she’ll give you her undivided attention until your needs are understood and met.

Make the most of our team by telling us everything, from how you use your eyes every day to what more you want your eyewear to do for you — this isn’t the dentist, we actually want you to talk.


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