Eye Roc Eyewear is situated in the heart of the Central West End and is a St. Louis optical store owned by the Erker family who have been in the optical business since 1849. Being the oldest Optical Family in the US, the Erker family is known for selling high quality and more luxury brands throughout St. Louis over the years and in 1927, the family even provided Charles Lindbergh with his state-of-the-art Goggles for his famous flight across the Atlantic Ocean! Eye Roc Eyewear is a unique, fun and personable store that uses the tag line “The Coolest Eyewear shop in St. Louis”. This “cool and hip store” offers only independent eyewear brands that are edgy, bold and unique. Eye Roc Eyewear is the “non-corporate and commercial” type of Eyewear store and has become the “go-to-place for something different”. Eye Roc Eyewear carries brands such as Dita, Giorgio Valmassoi, Philosopheyes, Barton Perreira, Igreen, Monoqool, Valley, LA Eyeworks and our very own Erker’s 1879 Eyewear! Oh yeah, we also use the hashtag #wedontlikeboringeyewear!














We are Eye Roc.  We Love Glasses.


Beautiful, unique, bold eyewear.

We wear what we love.

We love what we do.


Over the years, somewhere along the way, we noticed glasses became very unoriginal. The one accessory we could use to stand out, started looking all the same.

So, we set out to find glasses to make everyone feel unique once more.


Frames of high quality.

A frame for each person that crosses our path.

We wanted our tools of the trade to be the best.


Glasses are essential.

We really couldn't imagine

work without them.


For the Student.

For the Professional.

For the Retired.

For the Original Thinker.

EYE ROC is your space to create YOU.